Nairán Ramírez-Esparza

Associate Professor

Department of Psychological Sciences

I was born in Mexico and I lived in Puebla, Mexico until my mid-twenties. I moved to the United States to do my Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of Texas, Austin. Then I did postdoctoral work at the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences in the University of Washington in Seattle. I joined the social psychology faculty of the University of Connecticut in 2012. Moving around between two countries and spending time living in different areas of the United States have inspired many of my research questions. For example, while living in Austin Texas and interacting with fluent bilinguals I did a study looking at how bilinguals change their personality when they change languages. Now I am the director of the LAB-C-Lab where we continue answering questions about the influence of culture and language on different areas.

Dr. Nairán Ramírez-Esparza
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